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Davis worked her entire career as a teacher and principal at the Eddy School to touch the lives of Baldwin County children. She believed that through a combination of hard work and education one could accomplish anything. Davis was an inspiration and a pillar of the African American community in segregated Milledgeville. Her legacy, preserved in her home, is one of excellence. Since April her home is available for historic tours that celebrate the life and times of Sallie Ellis Davis. Follow us on our social media: Davis was born in to Josh Ellis and Elizabeth Brunswick. Sallie Ellis was the product of a union between a prominent merchant, landowner and gentleman farmer and an African American mother. Native to Baldwin County and gifted with a drive to be educated and to educate, Sallie enrolled as a student at Atlanta University and earned her Normal School degree in Upon completion of her degree, Sallie returned to Baldwin County as a teacher and administrator at the local Eddy High School of Milledgeville.

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Visit Georgia’s Magnificient Planetariums and Observatories Take a fascinating journey into our universe and explore the stars, planets, constellations and other galaxies in our night sky. Georgia’s wonderful planetariums and observatories have shows and educational programs for the public and schools. Click on blue links for info.

Dec 13,  · I ended up applying to Kennesaw State University and being accepted to its online master’s in information technology. Just updating for anyone who may have questions about KSU.

Feynman Diagrams for Weak Force A free neutron will decay by emitting a W-, which produces an electron and an antineutrino. When a neutrino interacts with a neutron, a W- can be exchanged, transforming the neutron into a proton and producing an electron. A neutron or proton can interact with a neutrino or antineutrino by the exchange of a Z0. One of the four fundamental forces , the weak interaction involves the exchange of the intermediate vector bosons , the W and the Z.

Since the mass of these particles is on the order of 80 GeV, the uncertainty principle dictates a range of about meters which is about. The weak interaction changes one flavor of quark into another. For example, in the neutron decay depicted by the Feynman diagram at left above, one down quark is changed to an up quark, transforming the neutron into a proton.

The primitive vertices in the Feynman diagrams for the weak interaction are of two types, charged and neutral. For leptons they take the following form The electron is used as an example in these diagrams, but any lepton can be substituted on the incoming side. The exit side top will be the same for the neutral vertex, but determined by the charge of the W in the charged vertex. Besides conserving charge, the vertex must conserve lepton number , so the process with the electron can produce an electron neutrino but not a muon neutrino.

The neutral interaction is simpler to conceive, but rarely observed because it competes with the much stronger electromagnetic interaction and is masked by it. This interaction is not likely to be oberved because of the incredible difficulty of observing the scattering of neutrinos, but it suggests other interactions which may be obtained by rotating or twisting the diagram.

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Creative License, an annual student-edited literature and arts publication from Perimeter College: Diversity[ edit ] Georgia State University is a majority-minority institution. It is active on weekdays from 7: The current route transverses the campus along Edgewood and Auburn Aves.

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A post shared by Kirk Medas kirkmedas on Sep 23, at Born in the year in Georgia, Kirk Medas birthday is on 19th of January. At present, Kirk Medas age is With the upcoming birthday celebration, Kirk Medas age will turn to Kirk Medas walked down the aisle alongside his mother, during her wedding to Mr.

The University of Georgia is recognized for Panhellenic Excellence in For the fourth year in a row, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), one of the largest advocacy organizations for women, is recognizing the University of Georgia with its selective and .

Chanticleer The Chanticleer, the Jacksonville State University student newspaper, is published weekly and has a print circulation of approximately 5, The newspaper changed to its current name and tabloid-sized format in The Library has digitized all issues of the newspaper dating back to The First Hundred Years: The book was published to commemorate JSU’s one-hundredth anniversary in The Harry Strange Collection of Alabamiana The Harry Strange Collection of Alabamiana is a compilation of more than items, from letters to Congressional documents, relating to early s Alabama history.

Many of the materials in the Collection are in fragile condition, and they are currently housed in closed stacks in the Library’s Alabama Gallery. Historic Jacksonville This work was published by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and the United Daughters of the Confederacy to celebrate the history of Jacksonville at the semi-centennial of the founding of the General John H.

Forney Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Daugette, it contains information primarily on the historic homes of Jacksonville and those who built and lived in them, as well as other points of interest e. The photographs were made by Edith Schoonmaker Wilson. The negatives are historical in nature, representing the work of several university photographers and others from the s onward, and were donated to the Library for digitization by the University’s Photographic Services department.

Many of these negatives are in poor condition and deteriorating; by digitizing them, the Library hopes to preserve these images and provide access for the future.

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They then stopped at a Winn Dixie and another location on University Avenue to get some marijuana. The woman said she was assaulted in the front seat. Nearly a week later, detective Amanda Hogan said police were called to the hospital on Aug.

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With time, it became apparent that this classification scheme was much too simple. A fourth category, known as spontaneous fission, also had to be added to describe the process by which certain radioactive nuclides decompose into fragments of different weight. Alpha decay is usually restricted to the heavier elements in the periodic table. Only a handful of nuclides with atomic numbers less than 83 emit an -particle. The product of -decay is easy to predict if we assume that both mass and charge are conserved in nuclear reactions.

Alpha decay of the U “parent” nuclide, for example, produces Th as the “daughter” nuclide. There are three different modes of beta decay: When this happens, the charge on the nucleus increases by one. Once again the sum of the mass numbers of the products is equal to the mass number of the parent nuclide and the sum of the charge on the products is equal to the charge on the parent nuclide.

Nuclei can also decay by capturing one of the electrons that surround the nucleus.

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Many of them have a thriving economy and culture that make them perfect for a long-term commitment to the area. After you are done with your time on campus what factors become more important? Things like community, neighborhoods, schools, these important aspects become pivotal when choosing a place to reside.

Tracy Leimbach. Marketing & Recruitment Manager at Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Location Greater Atlanta Area IndustryIndustry: Higher Education.

The proto-Georgian tribes first appear in written history in the 12th century BC. In the 4th century BC, a unified kingdom of Georgia — an early example of advanced state organization under one king and an aristocratic hierarchy — was established. The incorporation of the Golden Fleece into the myth may have derived from the local practice of using fleeces to sift gold dust from rivers. After the Roman Republic completed its brief conquest of what is now Georgia in 66 BC , the area became a primary objective of what would eventually turn out to be over years of protracted Irano—Roman geo-political rivalry and warfare.

D, the cult of Mithras , pagan beliefs, and Zoroastrianism were commonly practised in Georgia. This made it easy for the remaining Georgian realms to fall prey to the early Muslim conquests in the 7th century. Despite the capture of Tbilisi in AD by Muslims, Kartli-Iberia retained considerable independence under local rulers. Her position as the first woman to rule Georgia in her own right was emphasized by the title “Mepe mepeta” “King of Kings”. In , he decisively defeated much larger Turkish armies during the Battle of Didgori and liberated Tbilisi.

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